【SHUTTER FASHION】DS05700 Chinese sleeve flower embroidery large pendulum hanfu/hanfu women

RM 128.00

DS05700 Chinese sleeve flower embroidery large pendulum hanfu



BUST:S 88cm / M 92cm / L 102cm

WAIST:S 70cm / M 74cm / L 84cm

HIP:S 140cm / M 150cm / L 155cm


We doing live stream on everday 4.30pm , all product ready stock . Based on Johor Bahru.After Make Payment ,we will arrange ship out your parcel on next working days .All Product stock priority reserve for live order customer ,inaccurate inventory,Shopee is the payment channel we provide to live order customers to get free shipping. Some of the product in stock are ordered by customers, just waiting for payment .Before make payment please ask us for the inventory of the product before making the payment to avoid the situation of out of stock,Thanks!!
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